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About me: Rainer Kamphausen - 35 Years Motorsport  

Bremsbeläge, Bremsscheiben und Motorsportteile für den Motorsport und die Straße

More than 35 years of experience

It all started when I realized after a thorough business training that I would better like to care about cars than sitting in an office. I worked at Alpina in Swabian Buchloe, worked as a “ race director “for

a then-known Porsche – Team and started my own business with a car-accessories shop in my home-town of Mönchengladbach.

The name “ KS Motorsport “ resulted from the first letters of the last name of my friend and me, who

were the founders of the company. We sold lots of plastic fenders and rear spoilers for Golf 1 or Manta B. From today’s view: Funny. But that was the world in the late 1970s.

Fairly quick the company specialized in special products for motorsports and from 1981 the racing service became part of the Langstreckenpokal at the Nürburgring.

The range of products offered expanded continuously, the customer base grew and in the later 1980s

the racing service was even at the places of the former DTM. Through the years the company grew

steadily and moved into new, larger premises here in Bergheim, near Cologne.

Long-standing relationships to our business partners ( Bilstein, Brembo, H & R, Motul etc. ) were

expanded and intensified. From new commercial connections the business grew, the number of

foreign customers went up significantly and at some point I found out, that things were too much

for a one-man-business. So in spring 2014 I decided to give the company in other, younger hands.

Now here in Bergheim is the “ Rainer Kamphausen GmbH “ dealing with the parts and products shown on these sites and let the customers benefit from nearly 40 years of experience.

Following my old slogan “ quality first “ I will go on and offer only those products, I am convinced of.

There will be no online-shop, as I am sure, an individual advice and consultation is the best solution

for every single customer. A new customer has new needs and new ideas that must be optimally implemented. And that is what I like to do.