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racing products Hawk Bremsbeläge und Bremsscheiben für den Motorsport


HAWK Brakes and brake pads for motorsport and racing

Bremsen und Bremsbeläge für den Motorsport

The American company is one of the market leaders in carbon brake pads for motorsport and street-legal vehicle applications. HAWK also offers brake pads with very high coefficients of friction in various mixtures for European vehicles. Carbon brake pads are much more temperature-resistant than organic pads and are therefore ideally suited for today's powerful, high-performance vehicles.

Racing Brakes and Brake Pads for Motorsport

Hawk Brakes and Hawk Brake Pads for optimal delay.

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Precise braking is one of the most important requirements for safe driving and good lap times in the rally and racing. HAWK Brakes are designed for racing, and are - depending on the vehicle and pad compound - for different applications.

HAWK Motorsport Brakes (motorsport brake pads) work due to different Belagemischungen in different temperature ranges. Thus, the braking, the sensitivity and durability differ quite significantly from each other. Therefore, it is particularly important that the brake pads are precisely matched to the vehicles, the area of ​​operation, the operation mode and the duration of the stress. Particular attention should be paid here to the temperature ranges and the coefficients of friction.

Only if you use the right products for your vehicle brake pad, you can make full use of the maximum security and performance. And at best, leave the competition behind.

Die Produktfamile HAWK: Bremsbeläge und Bremsscheiben für Autos und Motorräder Ceramic Bremsbeläge für den Race Rrack