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HAWK-Brakes: Instructions

HAWK Brakes

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After installing the new pads, which must be free to move in the saddle, the material should gradually claimed by more (some times slow down from moderate speeds to achieve a planar contact of the pad to the disc), are then several times from a medium speed slow down and eventually slow down about 5 times in a fast pace with increased pedal force. Then, the flooring while driving needs to cool down, ie for a distance of min. 1 Km allow the vehicle to roll, without applying the service brake.

Need carbon fiber-containing friction materials and operate at higher temperatures than conventional organic coatings should therefore in the start any existing brake ducts be covered to about 50%.

Then the covering (vents open again!) Can be charged normal

Check the max temperature best with Thermo colors. They recognize too cold current deposits on high wear (abrasion in the rim), thereby also increasing the wheel wear.

Stay in driving mode never depressing the pedal with stand (box, WP-end, traffic lights or wherever), because of the higher temperatures, hot spots form on the disc, which lead to imbalances.

Check the brake discs regularly for cracks.

Because of the high stress, the brake fluid must be changed regularly.

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Friction Pad

Disc Brake Pads new technologies require a different approach than the organic brake pads previously used, therefore the following instructions to obtain optimum efficiency and stability should be considered:

New friction materials as possible should not be used with new brake discs. If unavoidable, the new targets must be roughened with sandpaper. Disc already used must be cleaned and sanded to the surface order of the friction previously used to remove (Please take seriously this instruction, the new carbon fiber-containing coating else receives the existing surface order and will reduce the effectiveness) If previously a kohlefaserhaltiger pad was used , the disc does not need to be processed when lining replacement.