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racing products Hawk Bremsbeläge und Bremsscheiben für den Motorsport


HAWK Bremsbeläge aus Carbon für den Rennsport und die Straße

Here you can see a small selection of possible structure of the brake pads. The lining forms and mixture are different as the number of vehicles. We determine the appropriate brake pads for you, we need your vehicle data.

Please send us your vehicle specifications.

The right brake pad for your car

Full braking power at the first step on the Pedal.

Bremsbeläge for motor sports (Rally Sport, Racing) subject to enormous stresses. Man and material are brought straight in racing to the limits of physical laws. It that brake pad, brake disc and suspension are tuned one another sequentially is more important. If this is not the case, the driver losing valuable (rounds) time, and the competition moves past him.

Whether in rain, in the cold or heated up in racing brake pads must always unfold their full potential. If they do not, there is imminent danger. No matter whether it is. Friction linings are new or already heavily used surfaces Motorsport Brakes (pads and discs) must work 100% -ig at almost any temperature and in almost all weather conditions. The optimal braking performance sport brake pads usually unfold For temperature ranges hiss 100 and 350 degrees. While friction materials vitrify at temperatures above 300 degree mark already and massive lose of braking action, racing brakes are still highly effective even at temperatures of up to 900 degrees.

The friction linings of HAWK of the us manufacturer of high-performance brake package includes more than 600 items. To reach the Vehicle brakes with serial braking systems to optimized vehicles with enlarged (perforated, slotted) brake discs.

HAWK brake pads are high-end products, among other things, characterized by:

Who with his vehicle in motorsport like it is safe and focused on performance brakes such as the HAWK. This is where price and performance.

Wichtig.Bei the friction linings offered by us are exclusively products for use in racing. The pads have no ABE and are generally not approved for use on public roads.

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